Upcoming Projects

City Walk is one of AlexWest upcoming projects in the very near future. City Walk will allow its communities to experience social gatherings in Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops. City Walk will consist of the necessary boutiques for everyday use such as Pharmacies, Supermarket, Hairdresser Salon, and more. This will allow its residence to have easy and quick access to their necessities, minutes away from their homes making it more convenient. 

AlexWest is planning to host an International University that will offer higher education to students. Students will be able to have easy and convenient access to higher education in close proximity to their residential community

AlexWets Business District will allow different companies to have a working environment in close proximity. The business hub provides office space for people to work more effectively and have access to all facilities in AlexWest 

City Walk




Business District

Business Meeting


Image by Nik Lanús

Entertainment Area


AlexWest is currently planning to build a second Hotel second to Radisson Blu in the near future. Which aims to accommodate its travelers and increase additional accommodation prior to Radisson Blu

The Entertainment Hub in AlexWest will consist of many facilities for all ages. The Entertainment hub will consist of restaurants, social activities for all ages, outdoor cinemas and much more

Currently In Progress 

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Pharos Apartments